About Wish Pixie


Pixies are mythical creatures of folklore. Similarly to the fairy, they are very helpful little creatures that wave wands and grant wishes.

 Wish Pixie is a community that spreads the pixie spirit so family, friends and supporters can get together to help each other with various causes. Wish Pixie partners with MySpendingHabit.com to offers a fun and rewarding program designed to meet the needs of all members. It rewards pixies for giving and sharing.


Wish Pixie's mission is to help people accomplish goals that would otherwise be difficult or farfetched. We want to create a win win situation for everyone by creating a system to support each other. We offer 50% of our advertising revenue as donations towards wishes.

Individuals no longer need to depend on just their immediate group of friends, family and supporters to raise funds as through our networks (Wish Pixie, MySpendingHabit.com & Advertisers) more people can be reached and encouraged to support.

Supporters receive two fold benefits; the knowledge that they have made a contribution to a needed cause, and receiving revenue sharing through MySpendingHabit.com